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     同光同志長老教會是一間獨立教會,依循改革宗理念,在主後1996年設立,為台灣第一間全然接納各類性少數(Sexual Minority)族群的基督教會。







Pastor/ Preacher/ Missionary Wanted

Tong-Kwang Light House Presbyterian Church is an independent church established in 1996 following the Reformed theology. It is the first Christian church in Taiwan to accept all sexual minorities fully.

We invite pastors/ preachers/ missionaries committed to serving sexual minorities, regardless of nationality, and must have basic Chinese communication skills to work together with the Lord in Tong-Kwang church to care for, and shepherd His flock.

If you have clearly felt this calling or are still seeking it in prayers, you are welcome to contact us. May the Lord show His will through fellowship and participation in actual church gatherings!

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Church Phone: +886-970-641-420

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