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同光教會25週年感恩音樂會見證分享 RuRu


今天要跟大家分享的是,關於“失去”與“相信”。我想聊聊兩年多前看的一部電影復仇者聯盟 3 無限之戰,當時看這部電影的時候,聯想到那位非得要戳到耶穌傷口才相信耶穌已經復活的“多馬”,於是當時我把感覺紀錄下來,作為給自己的安慰與提醒。








Today I would like to share about loss and faith. I wish to talk about a movie I watched about two years ago, which is Avengers 3 – Infinity War. When I was watching this movie, I thought of Thomas, who had to touch Jesus’ wound before he believed in Jesus’ resurrection, so I recorded my feeling, and made it my comfort and reminder.

I asked myself, do we need to touch God before believing? Is the loss we experience in this stage of life really a loss? In the previous episode of Avengers 3, Thor lost his right eye and his most important hammer. Right at the beginning, his planet was destroyed and his people all died, and were nearly completely destroyed. However, Thor later received a new eye and a more powerful hammer.

Captain America lost his shield in the previous episode (which was his most important weapon), but in this episode, he received an shield which is made of a more powerful material from the Jaguar King of Uganda. Another team mate of his lost an arm but received a brand new artificial arm.

Iron Man, who is the most handsome rich man needs no mentioning. His whole suit is always being upgraded and further upgraded.

When I was watching Avengers, I thought of those years that I had loss when I “fell” from my relationship and today, I have a more suitable partner. Last year, we even got married. In the workplace, I had many challenges, from separation with business partners, loss of money and my old company, to starting a new company. It has been a difficult journey, but the profit has been growing each year. I lost the company’s 7 seater car but bought a smaller car which saves more petrol. This year, I even lost the workspace that I had for many years.

However, miraculously, all these turned into upgrades and returned to my hands. The original things that I got used to and were painful losses, later became even more suitable things that were prepared for me by God, even to the extent of being more helpful. God gave me not only updates, but upgrades.

Dear brothers and sisters, we need to hold on to our faith, and stay aware from the unseen worries that we may have. We are not setting off because we have first armed ourselves with courage, but rather give ourselves courage during the journey of pursuing our dreams. This is because Jesus said that blessed are those who have not seen yet believed. Amen!


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