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子咪 受洗見證分享 Baptism Testimony





Hello everyone, I’m Hsiao Mi from Sanchong small group, and I’ve been in Tong Kwang church for about half a year. About 10 years ago, a teacher who led our music group was from a Presbyterian church at Chi Feng street, and we were often asked to go lead the youth group, help them with assignments and cook for them. At that time I the church gave me a warm and homely feel. However as work got busier, I gradually left the church and the teacher said to me “where did the lost sheep go?”. At that time I did not understand that my benevolent heavenly Father was waiting for me to return home.

Up till last year, my life had a huge change. I made a mistake so serious that I was not able to forgive myself. I kept blaming myself and felt that I was almost unable to breathe. When I was feeling depressed and gave up home, God in the form of the Holy Spirit appeared and helped me to see hope. He told me not to remain entangled in my past. I realized that my benevolent heavenly Father has always been looking after me, and that I am not alone. He taught me how to let go and forgive, how to love others and myself, and not to be bound by sin and self-blame. This saved and freed me.

Thank you heavenly Father and Jesus for my decision to be baptized, and I can have an eternal promise with God to be His daughter. I believe that my life from now on will be beautiful, full of hope and not lonely as He is always with me. Praise the Lord! I would also like to thank my Tong Kwang family, friends and family members for gracing this occasion today. I wish to say that in a relationship, no matter which genders are involved, they are still sharing the same love. We are no different. I love my family, I love my girlfriend, and I also love those who are unable to accept homosexuality. This is because God loves the world and I love others as myself. Praise the Lord!


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