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子軒 受洗見證分享 Baptism Testimony






In the darkest spiritual moments of my life, the warmth from Jesus gave me hope. In the recent almost two years, there were major issues that happened in my work and private life. There was no direction in my job, nor motivation to move forward. In a year, I changed five jobs with no direction and fled from reality by indulging in liquor by visiting night clubs. I thought I knew what I was doing, but in truth I was only deceiving myself, and this happened for more than a year.

One morning I suddenly sat by my bed, thought about why I was living in such poor conditions and slumped weakly by my bedside. I wailed as I knelt on the floor and thought about how I ate and prayed with my family. I started telling the Lord in my heart, “I can’t take it anymore. Why am I living in such agony? Please help me. Please help me.”'

It was unexpected that even when I played a hymn to help myself calm down, I continued crying and couldn’t escape from my sorrow. I laid in bed and kept telling the Lord, “Please help me feel at peace. Lord, please help me.” I thought for a while and suddenly a warmth spread from my back and I instantly felt very much at peace. I had no doubts and peacefully slept.

From that moment on, I believed that God continuously listened to our prayers and He accepts me for who I am. His unconditional love and fulfilled promises caused my life to return to normal. Being able to be baptized is a blessing from the Lord.


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